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DirecTV Advertising reveals new slate of product enhancements

June 6, 2024

DirecTV Advertising, a specialist in data-driven, advanced TV and streaming solutions, has unveiled a new slate of product enhancements to its portfolio. DirecTV Advertising is bringing its expertise to address marketer’s biggest challenges, including incremental reach, privacy and brand safety. Enhanced product offerings include:

  • Guaranteed Incremental Reach with Addressable RFO

    • DirecTV Advertising is now guaranteeing incremental reach for advertisers who utilize their Addressable Reach-Frequency Optimization (RFO) to enhance their national TV buys. RFO combines the company’s proprietary data, viewership insights and addressable technology to help advertisers maximize reach, optimise frequency, and balance impression distribution against their TV campaigns.

  • Investing in Data Collaboration through Clean Room Solutions

    • DirecTV Advertising is enhancing its DirecTV Advantage data suite with clean room technology to help advertisers and agencies better securely match and analyse different datasets in a privacy-centric way. DirecTV Advantage’s clean room solution is currently integrated with AWS Clean Rooms, InfoSum, LiveRamp, Snowflake and is expanding integrations in the future with other providers, such as Epsilon Clean Room. This will help to facilitate better matching, insights, and results all while keeping customer data safe and secure.

  • Enhancing Brand Safety Through Contextual Targeting

    • DirecTV Advertising’s enhanced contextual solutions allow brands to air within endemic content, without needing to rely on audience data. Utilising rich contextual signals such as network, genre and rating, DirecTV Advertising empowers brands to target content on a more granular level to boost relevancy and maximise engagement across live and VOD content. Advertisers can verify where their ads have run with transparent reporting through multiple verification partners, with DirecTV offering series-level reporting through Publica by IAS just later this year.

“As marketers, we’ve moved beyond legacy ways of delivering effective levels of video reach and frequency. To stay relevant and maximize every dollar in market, it’s imperative that we accommodate varied viewing behaviors through the use of smart, data-led opportunities like this solution,” said Liz Leonard, EVP, PMX Lift. “This is a win-win opportunity that can help alleviate the pressures of imbalanced video reach/frequency delivery, while increasing focus on driving efficient and meaningful outcomes for clients’ business.”

DirecTV Advertising’s goal is to be the seamless TV solution that engages audiences and helps brands connect with their consumers, however they want to transact. These enhancements, along with the rest of their robust media and data suite, aim to drive better results for advertisers and maximise their potential to reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right platforms.

“After running hundreds of successful campaigns that help ensure that heavy viewers are not bombarded with the same ad over and over again, while also helping to reach light TV viewers, we’re excited to be able to guarantee incremental reach for clients utilising our Addressable RFO technology,” said Amy Leifer, Chief Advertising Sales Officer at DirecTV Advertising. “Additionally, as the market shifts and more content is being consumed on CTV devices, we’ve transformed our business to be more digital and streaming-centric, providing clients with the most premium, brand-safe inventory, more targeting options, better transparency, and working with industry-leading clean room solutions so that advertisers can better utilize their own data across our platforms.”

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