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DVD still favoured over downloading

May 13, 2009

According to The NPD Group, watching movies and other video content on DVD and Blu-ray Disc comprises the lion's share of home-video acquisition and viewing, even as newer digital methods are beginning to gain a foothold in the consumer market. DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals represented 88 per cent of consumer spending on home video content, based on a survey that asked about home video consumption over the previous three months.

Results from NPD's March 2009 update to the "Entertainment Trends In America" consumer tracking study, which provides an in-depth look at shifts in entertainment consumption, revealed that the average US home video consumer reported spending an average of $25 per month on all types of home video purchases and rentals. When it comes to spending on home video content: 63 per cent was spent on DVD purchases; 7 per cent on Blu-ray purchases; 18 per cent on DVD/BD rentals from retail stores, subscriptions or kiosks; 9 per cent on video on-demand (VOD); and 3 per cent on digital downloads and online streaming.

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