Advanced Television Champions league access 50% mobile

June 17, 2016

Europe spent the past few months watching the UEFA Champion’s League which ended up with two Spanish teams in the finals. With a third of the digital population in Europe accessing sports content, the continent demonstrated its deep interest on Europe Champions league showing a much more engaged behaviour with sports during the UEFA’s months.

comScore reports that the total views to the Sports category increased 10 per cent from February 2016 to April 2016, a very significant increase in two months. They also spent 9 per cent more time browsing UEFA’s website and visited their content 5 per cent more frequently than in the previous month. Europe also become more social, liking more than 111 million UEFA’s Facebook posts and 45 million actions on their Instagram account.

Key Findings:
– In UK half of the UEFA.COM total digital population accessed their content through their mobile devices. In Spain, this number was 42 per cent in April 2016.
– Posts with photos was the main strategy used by UEFA’s Champions League Facebook Page counting for 61 per cent of the total posts between the start of the league until the day next to the finals.
– The total unique visitors in Spain of UEFA.COM increased by 324 per cent between January and April 2016. These gains were driven in large part by the quest for game tickets – the section of the website which saw the highest increase, by 300 per cent comparing the same period
– Between the most followed clubs in Europe, Manchester’s United page had the biggest number of retweets between February 13th and May 30th with almost 3 million of retweets followed by the Liverpool FC twitter page with 2 million retweets during the same period
– During the Europe Champions League, all the top posts by engagement on Champion League’s Instagram account was generated during the finals where 23.8 per cent of the posts contained videos

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