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Dailymotion, MBC content partnership

April 11, 2018

Colin Mann @ MIPTV

Video player technology and content discovery platform Dailymotion has agreed a syndication partnership with MBC, one of South Korea’s most prominent networks and content publishers.

As part of the agreement, MBC will distribute video content from eight portfolio networks—MBC Kpop, MBC Drama, MBC Entertainment, MBC News, MBC Documentary, Mbig News, TV-People, and MBC Classic—via Dailymotion’s cross-channel platform which spans mobile, desktop, and OTT.

MBC selected Dailymotion as a syndication partner because of the platform’s global reach and sophisticated content protection system, which involves an automated digital fingerprinting process designed to safeguard publishers against video piracy. Dailymotion utilises a combination of automated technologies and human moderators to protect rights holders.

As a syndication partner, Dailymotion will promote MBC’s deep catalogue of content to a global audience of 300 million people worldwide. According to Dailymotion data, APAC audiences across mobile, desktop, and OTT have grown 70 per cent in the past year alone.

Simultaneously, the crossover appeal of Korean content has created an uptick in demand across global markets. K-Pop, in particular, is having a cultural moment among Western audiences, with BTS recently earning the first-ever Billboard Top 40 hit for a K-Pop group in the United States.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dailymotion, a platform renowned throughout Europe and North America,” declared TaeKyung Park, Executive Managing Director, Digital Business at MBC. “We hope to expand the reach of MBC content in the global market through this opportunity,”

“This partnership with one of South Korea’s most prominent publishers is in line with Dailymotion’s overall goal to entertain global audiences with fresh content from the world’s best creators and storytellers,” added Maxime Saada, CEO of Dailymotion.

Users can access MBC’s content within the Dailymotion mobile app (iOS, Android), across OTT devices (Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and XBox One), and on desktop.

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