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Latest ATV streaming interviews

April 23, 2021


Atv talks to Martin Bergenwall of Verimatrix about Streamkeeper and the all-new hyper-flexible SaaS Secure Delivery Platform

Founder Roy Taylor talks to A-tv about Ryff, the  AI driven product placement solution and market.

ATV talks to Christian Lefebvre of Technicolor about the changing landscape of OTT and the abiding importance of the STB and its’ central role in the service provider’s relationship with their subscribers.

A-tv talks to the founder and CEO of iWedia as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.  They discuss the development of OTT in the pandemic and continuing shift from CPE to cloud provision.

ATV meets Shane McCarthy, COO Video Entertainment of Irdeto to talk about the latest trends in the evolving video landscape, including the key security preparations providers need to make for their content.

ATV talks to Andre Christensen about Firstlight’s Gen 5 Architecture, making broadcasting from the cloud a no brainer and building a business in the pandemic.

William Hughes talks to ATV aboout AminoSM Engage and how it provides a wrap-around solution for service providers, delivering QoS and QoE that ensures subscriber satisfaction and reduced opex.

Patrick Byrden explains TiVo’s 3Cs – Content First, Context Rich, Conversation Driven – and how they are deployed in their search and discovery solutions, and on the road to unified content discovery.

ATV talks to Andrew Ladbrook, director of strategy, about the introduction of Freesat’s UHD connected STB, what it means for users and how it has enabled a vertical integration of the  business.

Adam Taylor, managing director of MAS, talks to ATV about their new solution allowing users to respond to and transact on content offers while remaining in their social media app, where so much content discovery now occurs.

Darren Lepke updates ATV on improved solutions in Verizon’s Media Platform including reduced latency, concurrence, and social ‘watch together’ functions.

Ian Fletcher, Senior Solutions Architect, introduces Grass Valley’s SaaS broadcast playout suite: GV AMP – Agile Media Processing.

Juha Koski of Itcher tells us about his service that uses peer 2 peer techniques to personalise media recommendations across verticals inclusding TV shows, movies and books.

Arti’s Yaron Zakai-Or tells us about – and demonstrates – the start-up’s breakthroughs in cloud provided Augmented Reality services. Sophisticated 3D graphics available in your broadcast stream from a laptop at home.



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