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TVSquared integrates location data

May 19, 2021

TVSquared, a global player in cross-platform TV ad measurement, continues to expand the breadth of its data coverage with the integration of Foursquare’s location data within its ADvantage platform. TVSquared users can now connect linear and OTT/CTV ads directly to physical outcomes, including store visits and foot traffic, to get a same-day view into how campaigns impact offline consumer behaviours.

TVSquared says it is bridging a gap that has long existed between TV advertising and offline KPIs. For brands that leverage TV to drive physical outcomes, this integration allows them to tie ad exposure directly to location visits in a privacy-compliant way – across 95 million global points of interest and 500 million devices.

“UNTUCKit has a strong presence both online and in store, so if we are measuring outcomes we need to include both digital and offline activity,” said Alberto Corral, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, UNTUCKit. “As the world begins to transition from lockdowns, connecting cross-platform TV ad spend to all outcomes is a high priority. We are eager to leverage the location data within TVSquared’s ADvantage platform.”

TVSquared clients can harness Foursquare data to understand whether someone from a household that was exposed to an ad actually visited a location within a certain period of time. With same-day analytics, advertisers get a view into what campaign elements led to visits – by publisher, day of week, daypart, network, program, genre and creative – and which audience segments are driving outcomes. Across categories, advertisers can use those insights to inform mixes and make optimizations to maximize reach and frequency, unique reach, targeting and outcomes of every kind.

“Understanding foot traffic patterns can give a complete picture of real-world consumer behaviour,” said Glen Straub, Vice President of Business Development, Foursquare. “Foursquare is proud of its unrivaled data quality, and we are happy to know it will help advertisers connect TV ad spend with offline outcomes within the TVSquared platform.”

“From an advertiser’s perspective, measurable outcomes come in many shapes and sizes – from a website visit to an actual purchase,” said Bob Ivins, Chief Strategy Officer, TVSquared. “As the world awakens from Covid-19 lockdowns, adding location data to our platform connects TV ad exposure data to actual foot traffic, supporting the attribution needs of brands with physical locations, including retailers, QSRs and auto dealers.”

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