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Tubular launches GRPs

November 1, 2021

Tubular Labs, a specialist in global social video intelligence and measurement, has announced the rollout of gross rating points (GRPs) for all non-perishable videos on Facebook and YouTube channels.

The scoring system offers customers the ability to better plan and measure the viewership for content against target audiences and compare the performance of channels across platforms to optimise investments. The ratings, which are modeled after widely-adopted TV viewership norms, are now available in Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, the US and UK.

The gross rating point system is a new extension of Tubular Audience Ratings, the industry-first product for measuring the de-duplicated audience reach and demography for channels across social video platforms. Using quality viewing sessions of at least 30 seconds, Tubular’s addition of gross rating points brings a new level of transparency and predictability about the performance of social video viewership on specific channels.

“It is no secret that there is tension in the market around failing measurement currencies, preventing marketers from truly tapping into social video measurement and informed ad targeting.  Time spent consuming social video has skyrocketed and is fueling the demand for a new standard for evaluating audiences and optimising investments in social video,” says Stephen DiMarco, chief strategy officer, Tubular. “Tubular’s Audience Ratings and our expansion into gross rating points was built to establish better benchmarks for specific audience viewership, which is critical to unlocking potential for advertisers, growth for publishers and maturing the industry overall.”

GRPs are now available for most video publishers with a minimum base of 1 million views per month on Facebook or YouTube. The Tubular dashboard delivering the gross rating points allows customers to compare against all publishers and monitor the expected delivery against a target demo to evaluate media partners for cross-platform social video advertising or branded content.

For example, while the NFL is considered the 25th largest media & entertainment channel with 22.7 million unique viewers in the US in September, the league is ranked 8th with a GRP of 48.2, indicating that their audience watches more frequently than competitive channels. Similarly, Sesame Street is 36th by US unique viewers (18.8 million), but with a GRP of 33.9, which is 13th overall.

In partnership with the Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA) — which includes major agencies and media companies including BuzzFeed, ViacomCBS, Digitas and Group Nine Media —Tubular has pushed for the standardisation of social video, adopting and adapting metrics that have been used by the TV industry for decades. With GRPs, publishers can prove the value of audiences with metrics advertisers are already familiar with.

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