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Pluto TV launches Chefclub in US, LatAm

April 11, 2022

Chefclub has announced an agreement with free streaming television service, Pluto TV, in the US and Latin America.

Chefclub will bring over a hundred episodes of cookery content to Pluto TV in both Spanish and English, starting with the  immediate launch of Chefclub Kids content on Pluto TV’s Find Out Why channel.

“Culinary entertainment transcends cultures and languages,” said Amy Kuessner, SVP Content Strategy & Global Partnerships at Paramount Streaming. “We are thrilled to be bringing Chefclub content to Pluto TV where audiences can learn new recipes, families can come together to share their passion for cooking, and viewers can enjoy entertainment as unifying as food on Pluto TV all for free.”

Marie-Laure Marchand, SVP Global Consumer Products & Business Development, Chefclub, commented: “We are very excited that Chefclub will make its streaming debut in the US with a leading platform like Pluto TV. With half of our followers in the US, this is a phenomenal way to better serve our American fans and engage new ones, and is part of ambitious plans to dramatically expand the way we can engage with cooking enthusiasts everywhere.”

The Chefclub content will stream Monday through Friday at 8am-8:30am and 12pm-12:30pm ET on Pluto TV’s Find Out Why channel as well as Monday through Friday 1-2pm ET on Pluto TV’s Grande-ish channel. Weekend runs will start 12-1pm ET and Sunday evenings from 9-11pm ET on Pluto TV’s Find Out Why channel as well as on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 – 4pm ET on Pluto TV’s Grande-ish channel. Chefclub will also bring content to Pluto TV’s Foodies channel in the US and Pluto TV Kids in Latin America.

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