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BrightLine unveils its next gen CTV ad suite

June 16, 2022

Advanced television ecosystem player BrightLine has unveiled OTT Accelerator, the next generation of its CTV ad solutions suite.Brightline clients represent most of the streaming industry: A&E Networks, AMC Networks, NBC Universal, Disney, Warner Bros Discovery, Fox Corp, The CW and leading OTT platforms, including Roku, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation. Brightline
work with 72 out of the top 100 US advertisers.
Created for advertisers and the TV industry to capitalise on the catalytic impact of the pandemic, OTT Accelerator is an all-encompassing solution suite improving the TV ad experience for viewers, advertisers, agencies and media owners alike. Accelerator benefits these constituents in four key areas – 1) new ad formats for an improved viewer experience, 2) simplified programmatic packaging for ease of execution, 3) verification and attention metrics, and 4) household reach and frequency metrics.
Last month, Warner Bros Discovery announced it was launching two new streaming advertising products with BrightLine.
“A modern data media market needs a modern-day trading infrastructure,” commented Brightline’s Chief Accelerator, Michael Bologna.
OTT Accelerator is now available and running on all major devices including Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs, and Xfinity set-top boxes.
More details about the four pillars of OTT Accelerator:
1) UPGRADED CTV AD UNITS: While wholesale improvements and additions have been made to the In-Stream Interactive and Click-To-Expand units, the Personalized (or Dynamic) Creative unit can now be customized to feature locally shaped deals, messaging, and imagery on a one-to-one household level. This goes well beyond previously available store locator capabilities.
When merged with Accelerator, shoppability has taken a leap forward merging the accelerated adoption and usage of QR codes with our one-of-a-kind scrollable catalog units – enabling both deeper engagement with product catalogs AND the closed loop feature of a QR code.  
2) AUTOMATIC ACCELERATOR: The new programmatic Automatic Accelerator simplifies CTV ad implementation through enhanced automation in addition to the standard direct-to-publisher method. When buyers and sellers now trade CTV inventory, advanced ad units must be part of that mix. Our partnership with Magnite makes it easy for buyers to traffic Accelerator ads at scale across inventory through a single Deal ID.
3) HOUSEHOLD INTELLIGENCE ENGINE: For the first time, this built-in engine bolsters the value of engagement and attention metrics by adding de-duplicated household reach and frequency analytics. Media owners can now show the household incrementality of these deeply engaging ad experiences across properties.
4) ACCELERATOR ADS ARE VERIFIED ADS: BrightLine’s client-side renderer verifies an ad is being delivered to the right app on the right device via the most reliable means available. Delivery is directly verified by our third-party technology embedded in the app.

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