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Nielsen confirms ONE Ads market availability

January 5, 2023

Audience measurement, data and analytics specialist Nielsen has confirmed that Nielsen ONE Ads will be available market wide on January 11th. Nielsen ONE Ads is the latest innovation in measurement, providing what the company says is a consistent, comparable and deduplicated view of ads across screens, and will initially be available in the US.

Nielsen says that Nielsen ONE Ads will allow publishers to show the strength of their platforms and buyers of media to find the most efficient and effective places to advertise to reach the right audiences.

In addition to its standard metrics across platforms, Nielsen ONE Ads will introduce impact data for more granular linear television measurement, calculating audiences at the second level rather than today’s industry standard of minute level audiences. This will provide the industry with greater comparably across television and digital platforms.

Nielsen ONE Ads will also deliver ‘always on’ metrics for digital campaigns and insights. In addition, Nielsen ONE’s proprietary ID system will be leveraged as well as data from Nielsen’s panels. Further, direct publisher integrations, across walled-gardens will provide an understanding of true persons-level campaign impressions.

In 2023, Nielsen ONE Ads will also evolve to include advanced audience and outcomes measurement to support a campaign from end-to-end, providing an unparalleled view of the audience at each step of the media journey: from the audience who saw an ad campaign, to how the campaign was delivered to niche audiences, and the actions those audiences took as a result of seeing the campaign.

“Audiences today control what they watch, when they watch, and how they watch it,” noted Karthik Rao, Chief Executive Officer, Audience Measurement, Nielsen. “As the media landscape becomes more varied and complicated, Nielsen is committed to working with the industry to bring clarity and simplicity to media buying and selling through Nielsen ONE. By combining the scale of big data and granular insights from our people-based panel, Nielsen ONE provides comprehensive, representative measurement of ads and content for our clients to transact with confidence.”

In addition to Nielsen ONE Ads, Nielsen recently introduced Nielsen ONE Content Alpha that will be available this year, which provides cross platform, deduplicated and syndicated content metrics across devices, delivering what it says is a clearly contextualised view of aggregated programme performance across distribution platforms.

Together, Nielsen ONE Ads and Content will bridge current measurement capabilities, both linear and digital, into a single system. Ultimately, Nielsen ONE will allow advertisers and publishers to plan and transact using a single metric across linear and digital that is reliable, independent and standardised across the industry.

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