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DoubleVerify expands media quality authentication

July 27, 2023

Digital media measurement, data and analytics, software platform DoubleVerify (DV) is expanding its quality solutions with Google’s Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners, enabling media measurement and helping maximise advertiser performance on YouTube Shorts, Masthead and In-feed Video formats. The release leverages DV’s technology to help advertisers on YouTube Shorts ensure their video ads are viewable, by a human being and are safe from Fraud/Invalid Traffic (IVT).

“We are excited to expand our solution to include viewability and fraud coverage on YouTube Shorts – giving global brands greater clarity and confidence in their investments,” declared Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify. “Short-form videos offer advertisers a high-engagement forum to connect with passionate online communities. This release enables our customers to authenticate their media and maximise campaign effectiveness.”

With DV’s quality verification technology, advertisers on Shorts benefit from:

  • Fraud Measurement: For advertising to perform, it must be seen by a real human being. DV identifies and protects advertisers against fraud and IVT – from compromised devices to bot manipulation.
  • Viewability Authentication: DV provides comprehensive viewability measurement, offering clarity into whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen and confirming its potential to make an impact.

In addition, DV also provides viewability and fraud measurement across YouTube Masthead and In-feed Video inventory. Advertisers have access to measurement data and insights across all new inventory through DV Pinnacle, the company’s unified service and analytics reporting platform, to monitor and optimise the performance of their YouTube ads campaigns.

DV has provided viewability and fraud measurement across YouTube and Google ad serving solutions since 2011. In 2018, DoubleVerify became a Google measurement partner for Brand Safety and Viewability. In 2020, DV launched Authentic Brand Suitability on Google Display & Video 360 and, in 2022, DV was the first verification provider to earn MRC accreditation for Independent Third-Party Viewability Reporting on YouTube.

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