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Data: One Piece searches rocket on Netflix success

September 18, 2023

The live action adaptation of the One Piece manga series has been a huge hit for Netflix, reaching the #1 most watched show on the streaming service in a 84 countries. But has the popularity of the show got people interested in the source material so they can continue with Luffy’s journey to become the king of the pirates? Domains and hosting provider Fasthosts set out to find the answer to this question, using Google Trends data to investigate various search terms to do with the franchise.

The first question Fasthosts wanted to know: Are people who enjoyed the show going to check out the manga as well as the anime adaptation? The answer is a resounding yes. Searches for “One Piece anime” experienced a massive increase of 525 per cent alongside the release of the show, while the term “One Piece manga” saw a slightly smaller (but still significant) increase of 150 per cent. While both the manga and anime currently have major events occurring which are sure to have contributed to this increase, the attention the live action has garnered means that the majority of these additional searches are sure to be a result of it.

Shonen Jump – the magazine and website that publishes the One Piece manga – has also seen its own increases that could easily be thanks to the success of the Netflix series. Searches for the site have increased by 36 per cent, and the site page where users can read the manga has seen 17 per cent more visits over the past month.

The first question many have about this 26 year old series isn’t surprising given its reputation, and the release of the series has got even more people searching for it than usual. The question “how long is One Piece?” has seen an increase in searches of 317 per cent since the release of the adaptation, as viewers try to find out just how much time they’ll need to invest to catch up (here are currently 1,092 chapters).

Those unfamiliar with the series but keep hearing about it have also increased if the searches are anything to go by, with 212 per cent more searches for “what is One Piece?” over the past few weeks as coverage of the show dominated the media.
There’s also been an additional 284 per cent searches for “what is the One Piece”, meaning there’s 284 per cent more disappointed people out there when they can’t find the answer.

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