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FreeWheel launches Audience Manager

November 9, 2023

FreeWheel, the technology platform for the television advertising industry, has announced the launch of Audience Manager, a new solution integrated into the company’s TV Platform that enables publishers to unlock faster audience activation across screens.

Available now to the company’s publisher clients in the US, Audience Manager enables execution at scale by simplifying audience creation and targeting across screens, enhancing FreeWheel’s audience capabilities. Identity resolution within Audience Manager is powered by the FreeWheel Identity Network. The latter is the latest solution to stem from FreeWheel’s identity initiative, an effort to enhance ID interoperability and advance new capabilities for the premium TV ad ecosystem.

With these new capabilities, publishers can seamlessly tap into and activate data within FreeWheel’s TV Platform using third-party segments available through new partner integrations.

FreeWheel says the new solution allows publishers to activate audiences quicker by integrating, building, and forecasting audiences 66 per cent faster than previous solutions, activating in under 24 hours.  Real-time audience sizing provides visibility into the number of households and individuals, helping publishers respond to RFPs faster with scaled and curated audiences and to manage reach more effectively for advertisers.

“Marketers increasingly want to reach more precise and addressable audiences on premium content. This, paired with the deprecation of cookies and third-party identifiers, means we need to build for the TV ad ecosystem of the future while innovating for the industry’s needs today,” said David Dworin, Chief Product Officer, FreeWheel. “The digitisation of TV promises improved measurement and targeting capabilities, but there is still a need for real-time insights and interoperability. Audience Manager, powered by our FreeWheel Identity Network, helps solve for these challenges by bringing much needed advanced activation capabilities to our premium TV marketers and publishers.” 


“Since adopting FreeWheel’s Audience Manager, we’ve been able to target our inventory with improved ingestion and activation speed,” said Seth Wernick, SVP, Revenue Operations, Crackle. “FreeWheel has made a significant impact on our audience-based campaigns as we look to reach consumers across today’s fragmented TV ad ecosystem.” 

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