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Case studies: Value in skippable YouTube ads

December 1, 2023

While many advertisers and media buyers flock towards up and coming platforms/channels, the truth is that, when executed correctly, skippable YouTube ads continue to drive serious business outcomes.

Below are some insights to three brand use cases that have demonstrated success with skippable ads in conjunction with Precise TV’s creative formula and proprietary contextual targeting capabilities. The data backs up the theory that skippable ads are a good play.

Skippable Case Study Summaries:

  • All Star Innovations worked with Precise TV to execute a kidSAFE+ COPPA Compliant YouTube Skippable Ads campaign, a format that allows viewers to skip after five seconds. Recognising the brief window to capture attention, the campaign’s creative was adapted mid-flight, placing crucial product facts and compelling testimonials upfront. Purchase intent Soared from 12.99 per cent to 38.15 per cent with new creative, a 193 per cent increase.
  • Mint Copenhagen worked in collaboration with Precise TV to launch a YouTube Ads campaign for Moose Toys’ Goo Jit Zu action figure. Switching from repurposed TV ads, they employed Precise TV’s creative framework and contextual targeting to run Skippable Ads, engaging local influencers to create story-driven, 4-minute ads. This strategy, focusing on the action figure’s unique features, resulted in a 400 per cent increase in engagement over the original ads and sales for Goo Jit Zu surged by 100 per cent YoY in the Nordic region, demonstrating the effectiveness of tailored, influencer-led content on YouTube.

  • VidAngel, worked in collaboration with Precise TV, to leverage YouTube in its advertising approach for its unique streaming add-on service for filtering sex, violence and language. By implementing Precise TV’s creative framework and skippable YouTube ads, VidAngel effectively targeted Christian audiences and families. The campaign featured a talking dog and simple, clear messaging to explain VidAngel’s content filtering features. This innovative strategy resulted in a 111.76 per cent increase in brand awareness, with awareness soaring from 9.86 per cent to 20.88 per cent post-ad exposure, highlighting the impact of targeted, creative advertising in reaching niche markets.

YouTube Shorts Alpha Programme – Exclusive Shorts Targeting

By partaking in this alpha programme, PreciseTV has enabled brands to target audiences exclusively on Shorts. Already yielding strong brand outcomes, the combination of these new capabilities with PreciseTV’s proprietary contextual advertising technology and research, these solutions serve as the benchmark for advertisers looking for the right audiences in the right place.

  • For example, short-form vertical videos that are repurposed horizontal videos don’t perform nearly as well as specifically produced vertical videos. We are seeing opportunities from advertisers willing to test Shorts achieving CPMs, on average, 46 per cent less than TikTok or Instagram Reels.
  • Precise TV’s own survey of 1,000 families in the US, including teens between the ages of 13 and 17 years old and their parents. It found that 8 in 10 teens are aware of YouTube Shorts, with 6 in 10 stating they watch them. Further, 4 in 10 teens who watch Youtube Shorts confirm they see ads on the platform. More broadly, teens assert they actively choose to watch ads on YouTube, with 6 in 10 considering watching YouTube ads rather than skipping, showcasing their engagement and receptiveness to advertising content.
  • Perhaps most interesting, YouTube outperforms other platforms in ad recall, with 45 per cent of teens likely to recall an ad seen on YouTube, compared to 23 per cent on TikTok, 20 per cent on broadcast TV, 18 per cent in mobile gaming apps, and 15 per centon video-on-demand with ads.

“This solution came to fruition quickly as we were welcomed by YouTube to run some Shorts-specific test campaigns and were overwhelmed at the ad tune-in,” said Denis Crushell, Chief Commercial Officer at Precise TV. “We’re seeing high percentages of impressions hitting the 10-second view threshold. When you layer in our proprietary contextual targeting tools and multiple sets of our panel data, we’re confident YouTube Shorts’ impressions can deliver the business outcomes brands covet.”

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