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Forecast: Spend over OTT messaging apps near $50bn by 2028

December 12, 2023

A study from Juniper Research, the specialist in telecommunications markets, predicts OTT messaging apps will remain the dominant channel for conversational commerce. This is despite a fall in global market share of conversational commerce spend from 53 per cent in 2024, to 45 per cent in 2028.

Much of this spend will be driven by the advanced capabilities of OTT messaging apps, including interactive calls to action and rich media. These features will enhance the consumer experience; attracting high-spending users to engage in further commerce activity.

OTT business messaging enables enterprises to communicate with customers via third-party messaging applications.

OTT messaging apps, being standalone platforms, can move quickly to integrate new technologies, including AI-based personalisation for cross-selling and upselling opportunities. This will be imperative in high-spending industries such as retail, as OTT messaging apps will be deployed as part of an omnichannel marketing strategy alongside messaging channels like RCS (Rich Communications Services).

Despite the dominance of OTT messaging apps, RCS commerce spend is forecast to grow by more than 3,500 per cent over the next five years; from $350 million (€324.1m) in 2023, to $12 billion in 2028. This growth will be driven by the roll-out of RCS-capable devices, increased RCS operator support and consumer availability.

Additionally, the report found the rich features of RCS, including brand verification, branded messaging, and rich carousels, will allow operators to compete with leading OTT messaging apps through RCS’ improved security and capabilities. This will foster consumer trust to engage in more sophisticated messaging use cases, such as conversational commerce.

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