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ROXi, Sinclair partner on NextGen TV music channels

January 9, 2024

ROXi announced at CES that is bringing America’s first ever fully interactive broadcast TV channels to TVs this year through a a strategic partnership between licensed music streaming company ROXi, and US broadcaster Sinclair. All linear TV channels will have all the interactive features of a downloadable TV app without consumers having to download or launch an app on the TV.

The new broadcast TV channels are possible through ROXi’s new FastStream technology which allows interactive TV channel experiences to be broadcast over the airwaves with the NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) standard.

ROXi is partnering with Sinclair to bring the three interactive music channels – the ROXi Music Channel, the ROXi Music Karaoke Channel and the ROXi Music Games Channel – to homes throughout the US in early 2024.

“Our partnership with Sinclair will revolutionise what broadcast TV means for millions of households across the US – viewers will get instant access to TV music channels that feature the interactivity and capabilities of a music app, without having to download or launch an app,” said ROXi CEO, Rob Lewis. “Our viewers will be able to pause, play and skip on Broadcast TV for the first time. It is a true revolution in linear TV, and we’re bringing it to homes across America with Sinclair in 2024.”

“Through our strategic partnership with ROXi, we’re building a better and more interactive broadcast television experience. We’re confident this partnership will help accelerate the adoption of NextGen TV by delivering entertainment features that consumers will increasingly come to demand on their televisions,” added Skip Flenniken VP, GM of Technology Business Development at Sinclair.

In addition to the new interactive music channels to be broadcast in partnership with Sinclair, early 2024 will also see ROXi launching its new downloadable free ROXi TV Music App on a range of smart TV platforms.

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