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Comcast Advertising launches Signal Authentication Service

March 1, 2024

Comcast Advertising, the advertising division of Comcast Cable, has announced the launch of its new Signal Authentication Service, which aims to provide measurement companies and platforms with a reliable identity signal that can be used across multiple privacy-forward use cases – namely impression householding for accurate reach and frequency measurement, cross-device frequency optimisation and attribution measurement.

Utilising Blockgraph technology, the service allows partners to submit ad logs, web analytics or attribution data and receive back verification that the ad exposures or events were delivered to an authenticated residential household, ensuring accurate measurement.

In launching this service, Comcast Advertising says it is offering “a solution, at scale across millions of households, that delivers a level and standard of accuracy for linear and streaming TV measurement that has not yet been available in the market”.

“The inaccuracy of today’s media reporting is greatly impacting advertisers’ ability to truly understand which parts of their media is actually providing value and the increasing amount of signal loss is further exacerbating this,” said Larry Allen, VP & GM, Data & Addressable Enablement, Comcast Advertising. “This new service will greatly improve the ability for our advertiser clients to confidently target and reach their audiences, and be able to measure campaign performance across linear and streaming.”

Comcast Advertising’s new service will allow advertisers to better understand on-target reach and frequency evaluation to determine how best to allocate budget to reach valuable audiences and drive real business results.

“Recent investigations suggest that current ID graphs are of varying quality, especially those that rely on IP addresses,” said Jon Watts, Managing Director, CIMM, a non-partisan coalition focused on cultivating improvements, best practices and innovations in measurement, metrics and data usage across the media and advertising ecosystem. “Household subscriptions are some of the most accurate signals we have and can play an invaluable role in helping the industry to reliably measure and attribute campaign performance, improving our understanding of the media value.”

“Dynata, in close partnership with Comcast Advertising’s Signal Authentication service, delivers a new level of precision to CTV campaigns,” added Becky Harris, Vice President of Measurement and Data Solutions, Dynata. “Our clients gain actionable insights from our brand lift surveys, tied directly to verified ad exposures. This data-driven approach empowers them to optimise their media investments and drive better results.”

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