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Samba TV real-time ad targeting for political advertisers

April 4, 2024

Samba TV, a provider of TV technology for audience data and omniscreen measurement, has unveiled new technology to arm political advertisers with next day precision ad targeting to better reach shifting voting audiences at the regional, state, and national level throughout the 2024 US political season. Yahoo and TelevisaUnivision, two early adopters of the new solution, have integrated Samba TV’s near-real time political audience segments to better empower political advertisers on their platforms.

“This election cycle will be more challenging than ever to reach voters,” said National Media Research Chief Innovation Officer Adam Wise. “As we are well underway with the presidential campaigns, it is crucial to integrate a comprehensive understanding of your audience into your targeting strategy, merging trusted first-party sources such as Samba TV with other campaign inputs.”

In a 24/7 newscycle, Samba TV’s first-party political audience targeting will keep campaigns one step ahead of competitors while accurately reaching the electorate wherever they spend their time, including viewership insights from news or debates. Samba TV’s Real Time Political Audiences facilitates the next day activation of digital campaigns to reach key voter groups with time-sensitive political messaging. Advertisers can build customised political ad exposure segments and launch their targeted campaign the next day.

“Hispanics are one of the biggest and most influential voter groups in the US,” said TelevisaUnivision Senior Vice President of Product Management Brian Lin. “As political advertisers look to further engage with our audience, we look forward to partnering with Samba TV to enable a more effective way to inform Spanish-speaking voters across the country.”

“In one of the most consequential elections in history, coupled with a deeply fragmented media landscape, marketers are facing one of the most challenging political seasons to reach voters,” commented Samba TV Co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “What worked in the past no longer applies. The strategy of relentlessly hitting the same audience with political ads on traditional TV is outdated. In today’s landscape, candidates must embrace a holistic approach that integrates traditional TV with real-time targeting across streaming and digital platforms to reach voters who are consuming media in entirely new ways. This tactic is vital for political advertisers seeking a competitive advantage in a pivotal election where the stakes are high for control of the White House, Congress, and regional seats of power.”

“As we’re heading into the heat of election season, campaigns need to reach relevant voters with their message at the right cadence,” added Yahoo Senior Vice President of Product Strategy & Management Adam Roodman. “With Samba TV’s Real Time Political Audiences, political advertisers leveraging Yahoo DSP are able to optimise audience reach while controlling frequency to maximise results.”


As the only independent measurement provider with the closest alignment to the U.S. census and with coverage of the top Designed Market Areas (DMAs) throughout the country, Samba TV’s technology provides an unmatched level of reach, granularity, and precision. The technology enables the creation of audiences based on ad exposures from all 210 DMAs, ensuring that every regional, state, or national campaign has detailed, localized targeting to effectively reach and engage with voters. With the economy and jobs ranked among the top three topics for Republican, Democrat, and undecided voters this presidential election, Samba TV’s audience segments can be customized by viewers’ exposure to ads across a spectrum of issue areas, allowing for campaigns to deploy targeted advertising that aligns with the values and concerns of their desired electorate.

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