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XITE unveils new brand identity

May 7, 2024

XITE, the music video platform, has unveiled new brand identity. This revitalisation comes to life through collaboration with strategic design agency Wunder and brand design agency G2K.

In a press statement the company said: “In 2015, XITE became the world’s first provider to bridge traditional linear television with the emerging digital on-demand era. Today, XITE stands as the ultimate music video experience on television, reaching over a hundred million households across various countries through linear television, interactive TV apps, and on-demand streaming services. To remain relevant and distinctive in the increasingly crowded landscape of on-demand streaming platforms, XITE has elevated its existing brand identity to a new level”.

The company explains its positioning revolves around one essential element: the personal connection between viewers, artists, and the on-demand music video platform. This principle is embodied in the new brand promise, ‘See Your Music’.

Guided by this, a dynamic design has been crafted that XITE says exudes personalisation while remaining recognisable and practical across all media and devices. The colours have been adapted into a flexible system easily adjustable based on genre, mood, or target audience. Additionally, a distinct and recognisable typeface has been chosen, harmonising typography with the existing logo. The visual language is designed from a flexible grid rooted in the 16:9 TV aspect ratio, providing space for movement to create a fully dynamic brand experience.

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