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Study: CTV content beats linear on attention, co-viewing

September 21, 2023

LG Ad Solutions, in partnership with CTV measurement specialist TVision, have released the findings of a study that reveals CTV content has a 13 per cent higher attention index and a 74 per cent higher co-viewing incidence than linear TV content.

LG Ad Solutions partnered with TVision to use a combination of their camera Sensor, Digital Meter, and Measurement Engine panel data to understand how and what households are watching television and the extent they were paying attention. This was paired with an online survey conducted by LG Ad Solutions to obtain more information about consumers’ viewing habits.

The survey revealed that 88 per cent of respondents co-view streaming television – and they report being more likely to pay attention to both content and ads when doing so: 67 per cent of respondents pay same or more attention to programming when co-viewing while 54 per cent pay same or more attention to the advertising content. In fact, 73 per cent of consumers multi-task the same amount or less when co-viewing TV.

The study also found that an inverse relationship between attention and ad duration, which means the first 15 seconds is critical to communicate brand and message. Further, LG Ad Solutions and TVision found that attention is at its highest on the first exposure to a CTV ad, but gradually declines as exposure frequency increases. These findings suggest that it’s important for CTV advertisers to actively manage frequency to prevent over delivery when ads are no longer driving lift in awareness or brand preference.

“This data indicates that on average, streaming TV viewers are more likely to be watching with other people than linear TV viewers,” said Tony Marlow, Chief Marketing Officer, LG Ad Solutions. “Interestingly, this research also indicates that people tend to pay more attention to the screen when co-viewing. This could mean that streaming may be a much more shared experience than previously realised and that this helps drive a higher level of attention for content and ads.”

In terms of genres that are most co-viewed, Comedy (68 per cent) and Drama (55 per cent) hold the top spots. Of consumers that watch sports, 56 per cent of them are co-viewing while streaming sports.

“This research supports our existing knowledge which indicates that consumers are paying more attention to streaming content than linear content. High-attention content gives advertisers a valuable opportunity to increase engagement and generate outcomes,” said Yan Liuu, CEO at TVision. “This research shows how to find that sweet spot with consumers and provides a valuable roadmap for advertisers looking to capitalise on the growing streaming marketplace.”

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