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Viant partners with Google Data Clean Room

May 29, 2024

Viant Technology, the advertising technology company, has announced a new integration with Google Cloud’s BigQuery data clean rooms. This collaboration enables the seamless onboarding of privacy-safe, first-party data at scale from the Google Cloud ecosystem into the Viant Data Platform (VDP), enhancing targeting and measurement within Viant’s robust Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

As an early adopter during the general availability phase of Google Cloud’s BigQuery’s data clean rooms, Viant data is now available as a service within Google Cloud data clean room environments. This integration ensures secure, privacy-compliant data at scale, allowing advertisers to execute precise media campaigns and achieve closed-loop measurement across the Viant DSP, guaranteeing full interoperability. This partnership positions Viant as one of the first DSP’s to enable a connection with Google Cloud’s BigQuery data clean rooms, paving the way for advanced data activation capabilities in programmatic advertising.

“In the current landscape, the importance of providing privacy-forward first-party data solutions for advertisers cannot be overstated,” stated Dustin Kwan, Chief Product Officer at Viant. “Our partnership with Google Cloud not only extends Viant capabilities for a post-cookie future but also keeps our data platform and DSP at the forefront of the industry, delivering solutions that respect user privacy while enhancing ad targeting and measurement capabilities.”

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