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Movie revenue to rise continuously to 2015

Driven by strong increases in emerging markets, global consumer spending on movies is expected to rise for six consecutive years, expanding from $61.4 billion in 2010 to $68.9 billion in 2015, according to the IHS Screen Digest. As a group, consumers in the five key global economic regions are steadily increasing their movie spending, an […]

March 13, 2012

3D is box-office poison

Despite a record 47 films released in 3D last year, including the final Harry Potter and the latest in the Transformers franchise, UK box-office receipts for the format fell £7 million (€8.3m) to £230 million, reducing its share of total ticket sales from 24 per cent to 20 per cent. The average takings per 3D […]

March 12, 2012

Shipments of 3D LCD TV panels reach 21m in 2011

Shipments of 3D LCD TV panels spiked to 7.8 million in Q4’11, up 26 per cent Q/Q. As a result, total 3D TV panel shipments in 2011 reached 21.2 million, accounting for 10 per cent of all LCD TV panels shipped. According to the NPD DisplaySearch, panel makers are targeting very strong growth of 138 […]

March 8, 2012

Tablet TV viewing 3 hours a month by 2014

A report from Juniper Research finds that growing user satisfaction with mobile TV on tablets will push average monthly viewing times to 186 minutes per month in 2014. The report finds that as users become more accustomed to viewing content on tablets, and as a wider range of content becomes available on tablets, consumers will […]

March 6, 2012

Netflix VoD outstrips pay-TV

According to a new report released by TDG, Making Ad-Supported VoD Work, video-on-demand services provided by PayTV operators should be generating significantly higher viewing and advertising revenue. The failure to accomplish this is a reflection of VoD’s inadequate advertising support and awkward programme guides that limit availability and viewing of ad-supported video-on-demand content. According to […]

March 5, 2012

American DVR usage up fivefold in 5 years

Among the three major devices connected to TVs (video game consoles, DVRs and DVD players), DVRs account for the greatest percentage of Americans’ watching time, reports Nielsen. Since 2006 the percentage of time Americans spend watching live TV in the home has fallen from 89 per cent to 85 per cent. However, the amount of […]

March 2, 2012

CASBAA: Indonesia pay-TV a market to watch

Indonesia’s pay-TV market is taking off, speakers told a capacity crowd of delegates at CASBAA’s Indonesia in View: Growing Pay TV forum, held in Jakarta on February 29th. With more than 2 million paying subscribers at the beginning of 2012, a host of new distribution platforms coming online, and strong economic fundamentals, Indonesia is looking […]

March 2, 2012

RESEARCH: Online availability drives viewing growth

As TV networks struggle to find the right balance between digital and traditional access to their content, research from Knowledge Networks, a GfK company, shows that online access wins favour with consumers in ways often overlooked by standard metrics. The study – TV’s Web Connections 2012 – is conducted annually to track the interplay between […]

March 1, 2012

RESEARCH: More time spent on mobile than TV

Initial findings from the Mobile Media Consumption Q4 2011 survey conducted by independent mobile advertising network InMobi suggest that mobile has surpassed TV in terms of time spent,with mobile web users spending 27 per cent of their media time on mobile and spending 22 per cent of their media time on TV. InMobi suggests that […]

March 1, 2012

Smart CE device shipments to top 92m

The relentless march toward digital media technology has driven the evolution of consumer electronics from specialised electronic devices to multipurpose, networked computing devices, with the advent of ‘smart CE devices’ having a profound effect on the digital multimedia home, according to research firm NPD In-Stat, who forecast that smart CE device unit shipments will surpass […]

March 1, 2012