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Report: Global broadband sub growth slows in Q4

In Q4 2023, global fixed broadband connections reached 1.43 billion, following a quarterly growth of 0.96 per cent.  Point Topic, the broadband market intelligence provider, recorded a decline in fixed broadband subscriptions in 18 countries, down from 21 in Q3 2023. Some of these markets have high mobile subscriber penetration, others are experiencing high inflation […]

April 19, 2024

Analysis: UK broadband market sees declining volumes

Point Topic, a provider of broadband market intelligence, has reported that total Q3 2023 FTTH/P/B, FTTC, cable, FWA/satellite and DSL wholesale and retail connections decreased in the UK during the quarter and stood at an estimated 28.718 million down from 28.746 million q-o-q but down considerably from 29.036 million y-o-y. The fixed broadband retail market […]

December 15, 2023

Data: Fibre over 66% of fixed broadband subs

As of Q1 2023, global fixed broadband connections reached 1.377 billion, reflecting a growth rate of 1.59 per cent compared to Q4 2022, according to broadband data specialist Point Topic, who also recorded a decline in fixed broadband subscriptions in 18 countries, which mainly include emerging markets, as well as some saturated markets such as […]

July 18, 2023

Forecast: Global fixed broadband subs 1.6bn by 2030

Broadband market intelligence specialist Point Topic has updated its forecasts of fixed broadband take-up for 96 markets to the end of 2030. The forecasts are based on its quarterly broadband take-up data up to Q2 2022 and include both residential and business connections. Point Topic forecasts that by the end of 2030, there will be […]

March 15, 2023

Report: UK ISP market remains challenging

The past two quarters marked a definite slowdown within the fixed line sector as Covid pandemic gains firmly abated along with the cost of living crisis seeing a shift from fixed services to mobile broadband only, reports Point Topic. Despite the sector’s healthier uptake in numbers across the board, with around 85,000 net broadband additions […]

March 8, 2023

Data: Over 1.3bn fixed broadband connections

By the end of Q3 2022, the number of global fixed broadband connections grew by 1.87 per cent and stood at 1.34 billion. Point Topic recorded a decline in fixed broadband subscriptions in eleven countries which mainly include emerging markets, as well as a handful of mature markets of well developed countries. Other main trends […]

January 16, 2023

Survey: UK full fibre uptake limited

With full fibre networks passing 41 per cent of UK premises and with nearly 2 million of those having access to two or more independent network providers, consumers now have unprecedented access to a range of competitively priced ultrafast broadband packages. However, the uptake of full fibre services, especially those combined with a TV bundle, […]

December 23, 2022By Colin Mann

Forecast: 1.6bn fixed broadband subs by 2030

Research from Point Topic, analysing global fixed broadband take-up by technology, forecasts that at the end of 2030 there will be 1.6 billion fixed broadband subscribers worldwide compared to 1.27 billion in Q4 2021, up by 26 per cent. Some 88 per cent of the fixed broadband subscribers will be in the top 30 broadband […]

June 29, 2022

Data: Global pay-TV subs up 4.6% in Q4 2020

In Q4 2020, the quarterly growth of global pay-TV subscriptions stood at 4.6 per cent, having gone up by more than one percentage point compared to the previous quarter, acording to data from Point Topic. This quarter Point Topic updated its pay-TV subscriber figures by expanding coverage in terms of geographies and technologies. Point Topic […]

May 17, 2021

Data: Altnets growing market share

Data from research firm Point Topic indicate that the collective efforts of altnets and challenger ISPs could see nearly 1 million additional broadband customers using an altnet or challenger ISP by the end of 2025, increasing market share from 12 per cent currently to 14.5 per cent or 3.75 million customers. The data, commissioned by […]

April 27, 2021