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Survey: UK full fibre uptake limited

December 23, 2022

By Colin Mann

With full fibre networks passing 41 per cent of UK premises and with nearly 2 million of those having access to two or more independent network providers, consumers now have unprecedented access to a range of competitively priced ultrafast broadband packages. However, the uptake of full fibre services, especially those combined with a TV bundle, is yet to make any impressive inroads in the consumer marketplace.

In November 2022, Point Topic commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey on video, ISPs, broadband speeds and fibre to the home (FTTH) connectivity. This market research serves as an update on the UK pay-TV and broadband sector previously carried out in March 2022.

Key findings:

  • Broadband suppliers have been investing billions in full fibre networks and promoting fibre superiority, but struggle with significant returns or uptake in FTTH services
  • The term full fibre continues to confuse consumers as 61 per cent of survey respondents subscribing to Virgin Media O2’s (VMO2) DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit capable service stated they were on a FTTH connection
  • Ultrafast and gigabit capable speed tiers fail to impress subscribers with 31 per cent of survey respondents taking a superfast (25 – 100 Mbps) package, moreover 44 per cent stated that they did not know which speed tier they were subscribed to
  • For those respondents subscribing to an FTTH service, speed packages of up to 100 Mbps dominated
  • Sky and Virgin Media continue to lead the broadband and pay-TV bundled services market, with 65 per cent of Sky subscribers taking a bundled package followed by VMO2’s 52 per cent and BT with 28 per cent
  • For those who do take a bundled service 63 per cent of VMO2’s subscribers stated they were on a ‘full fibre’ connection compared to 42 per cent of BT Group’s (BT, EE and Plusnet) bundled package consumer base having an FTTH connection
  • TV and video services are an important part of a consumer’s life, however a pay-TV or subscription to more than one on demand service can be perceived as an unnecessary monthly expenditure as 55 per cent of respondents stated they did not take a bundled package.

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