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NFL Playoffs illegal streaming warning

January 14, 2022

By Colin Mann

Fans of American Football who may be tempted to watch the coming weekend’s NFL Playoff games – exclusive to Sky Sports in the UK – through illegal means, rather than via the proper channels, are being warned of the risk that they are taking when watching illegal streams, and that they are exposing themselves and their families to fraud, malware and scams.

“January is here and that means the start of the NFL Playoffs,” notes Kieron Sharp, CEO of UK intellectual property protection organisation FACT. “With the race to the Super Bowl so closely contested each year, British NFL fans will be eager to watch the games. However, with these wildcard playoffs only available to watch on paid-for platforms, some fans may be tempted to turn to illegal sites in order to stream for free,” he adds.

“Research conducted by FACT reveals that almost half of respondents (47 per cent) in the UK say that they have shared or would be willing to share their personal email address to gain access to illicit streams,” he advises.

“It’s really important that people know the serious nature of the risks they’re exposing themselves to if they choose to view content illegally. Identity theft, fraud, and exposure to malware and viruses as a result of piracy are all too real. Anyone considering turning to illegal content should think twice about whether it’s really worth it – what appears to be free could come with a very high cost,” he warns.

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