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Report: CTV maintains lead for most impressions in Q2

August 11, 2022

Connected TV (CTV) has become the most popular platform for video advertising, accounting for the most impressions served across all devices for 17 consecutive quarters, according to the latest research from Extreme Reach (ER), a global player in creative logistics.

In Q2 2022, CTV accounted for 38 per cent of all impressions served, the same share it had in Q1, and a modest gain year-over-year. Overall, CTV has accounted for the largest share of video impressions served for every quarter since Q2 2018, more than four years ago.

The reason for CTV’s continued leadership stance is the fact that once advertisers buy into CTV, they commit a great deal of their impression volume, notes ER. Of all the brands that leveraged CTV in Q2, three quarters of them devoted 50 per cent or more of their impressions to CTV, according to ER. More than a third (36 per cent) of those ‘heavy’ CTV advertisers ran more than 80 per cent of their impressions on CTV across the quarter.

“CTV has changed the face of digital video advertising, allowing brands to reach their audiences in a linear TV-like setting, but with expansive data-rich targeting opportunities,” said Mary Vestewig, VP of Digital Account Management at Extreme Reach. “We’ve found that most of those who use CTV, use it in a very big way, devoting the large majority of digital impressions to the platform. The rise in ad supported streaming is good news for those marketers who are enthusiastically embracing CTV.”

Other key findings in ER’s research include:

  • Mobile in-app accounts for 25 per cent of all impressions served in the quarter, followed by desktop at 20 per cent and mobile web at 14 per cent. All three categories were relatively flat compared to the previous quarter.
  • Political advertisers were big adopters of CTV, with 75 per cent of impressions across all devices going to CTV in Q2. This shows that CTV will likely be a key channel used in the upcoming midterm elections – a trend that ER will monitor in the 3rd and 4th quarter.
  • The Financial and Auto verticals were also heavy CTV buyers, with more than 75 per cent of their impressions running on CTV in Q2.
  • Household Goods and Education are two verticals that remained heavy on desktop video impressions in the quarter.
  • Gaming, Food Delivery, and Local Services advertisers devoted most of their impressions to mobile and mobile in-app in the quarter.
  • 30-second spots continue to dominate in ad length, but it’s interesting to note that brands opting for 15-second ads tend to be heavy users of CTV.

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