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Making Science brings GAUSS Connected TV to UK

November 21, 2022

Making Science, a technological and digital marketing consultancy specialising in e-commerce and digital transformation, has launched Gauss Connected TV, a platform that integrates planning and reporting, and provides insights on cost by channel, and incremental reach of CTV over linear.  Through the platform, marketers can manage TV planning with the distribution of investment between media and channels, allowing brands to have a holistic view of their investment to optimise results.

New to the UK market, Gauss Connected TV is part of Making Science’s artificially intelligent (AI) Gauss platform, which helps CMOs optimise their media investments increasing performance against key business objectives.

Jorge Alonso, Products and Tech Solutions Director at Making Science, said: “As digital activity evolves rapidly, so does online advertising. Today’s CMOs face the task of managing budgets across multi-channel campaigns, alongside pressure to optimise sales and demonstrate which efforts move the needle. Innovations in AI are making it easier to not only effectively track, but also enhance performance by predicting which customers are likely to buy. Bringing Gauss to the UK audience means more companies can make the right decisions at the right time for success.”

Previously available in wider Europe and the US, Gauss platform offers simple data activation powered by  machine learning. Using versatile multi-source integrations and one-time loading mechanisms, it captures both current and historic first-party customer data to fuel analysis.

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