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CIMM to explore TV data potential

May 19, 2023

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), the US-based collaboration of companies focused on promoting innovation and best practices in media measurement, metrics and data, is launching a new research programme focused on exploring the practical steps that the industry can take to unlock the full potential of data collaboration and clean room solutions in a sustainable way.

“Data enablement and collaboration are becoming increasingly important capabilities for the future of the TV industry, stimulating investments across the industry, and facilitating a wide range of important, data-driven uses in advanced advertising,” commented Jon Watts, Managing Director, CIMM. “Major media owners and agencies are working with partners to establish customer data platforms, clean rooms, measurement offerings and activation capabilities – and are positive about the future growth opportunities presented by data collaboration. However, many industry participants believe there are challenges in unlocking the full potential: coordination is limited; many processes are inefficient and time-consuming; the ecosystem is deeply fragmented; and data quality and identity resolution remain significant challenges.”

The study, led by digital marketing industry analyst Joanna O’Connell, will include an extensive programme of industry research, exploring current use cases, emerging opportunities and future priorities, working with CIMM members and other industry participants, including major networks and programmers, MVPDs, streamers, TV OEMs, vendors, agencies and advertisers.

“TV-based businesses are facing growing competition from major digital companies, which have significant data assets, direct consumer relationships and sophisticated technology platforms, as increasing privacy regulation continues to reshape the sector’s access to – and use of – consumer personal data,” said O’Connell. “For these reasons, I’m excited to be working with CIMM to uncover new ways in which the industry can best harness TV’s fast-developing data collaboration infrastructure to develop a vision and roadmap for the future.”

The research will assess:

  • The current state of data collaboration (including ways to foster innovation and progress in areas such as measurement, attribution and identity verification, so that marketers can plan, buy and measure across different platforms and currencies) and the role clean tech is playing today
  • What primary use cases exist, which are working well, which remain immature and why
  • What a sustainable data collaboration future should look like for the TV industry
  • What obstacles or impediments exist today
  • What practical steps and priorities that buyers, sellers and providers should take to unlock the full potential of new and evolving data collaboration infrastructure

“Marketers continue to make it clear that they need to be able to message their most profitable customers regardless of their ad tech and martech partners,” said Kate Sirkin, EVP of Data Partnerships at Epsilon. “We look forward to exploring the findings of CIMM’s research and the opportunity to help increase the transparent connectivity and feedback loops needed to drive more accountability throughout the TV ecosystem.”

“As participants with Go Addressable, we are focused on fostering industry collaboration and promoting progress across pillars such as education, awareness, advocacy and industry adoption of new best practices and guidelines for addressable,” said Larry Allen, VP & GM, Addressable Enablement, Comcast Advertising. “As such, we’re looking forward to seeing what CIMM’s new research initiative can do to help influence, impact and jumpstart TV data collaboration’s future growth and potential.”

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