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LG Ad Solutions partners with Acxiom

June 21, 2023

LG Ad Solutions, a specialist in connected TV (CTV) and cross-screen advertising, have announced a strategic partnership with customer intelligence company, Acxiom. The collaboration aims to maximise brands’ data strategies, empowering advertisers to reach millions of LG TV households by seamlessly activating their connected TV campaigns in as little as 24 hours, minimising waste.

As CTV continues to evolve into a powerful platform for advertising innovation and content promotion, challenges with scalability, reach, speed, and efficiency remain. This integration effectively addresses these issues by combining Acxiom’s privacy-compliant marketing data with LG Ad Solutions’ proprietary ACR data, achieving accurate matching across the LG CTV universe at scale. As a result, brands can accurately identify and understand audiences to deliver meaningful messaging that foster long-term customer connections within the Smart TV ecosystem.

“CTV advertisers can now reach their desired audience more accurately and efficiently, and at scale. This game-changing collaboration combines LG Ad Solutions’ Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) viewership data with Acxiom’s broad cross-industry audiences taxonomy, giving advertisers from all sectors a new level of incremental reach based on exceptionally high match rates without compromising flexibility or scale,” said Alistair Sutcliffe, head of product at LG Ad Solutions.

Conor Burgess, Vice President, Business Development at Acxiom, added: “Our partnership with LG Ad Solutions has yielded a unique opportunity to drive CTV platform growth while simultaneously addressing a major pain point in CTV activation for brands. This collaboration sets a new industry standard for onboarding first- and third-party data with unparalleled precision. By significantly boosting match rates and enhancing speed and efficiency in CTV advertising, we can provide better advertising experiences without additional data delivery costs.”

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