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Report: 41% US homes watching AVoD/FAST

November 10, 2023

Parks Associates research shows a dramatic increase in the use of ad-based video services, as the number of US internet households that recently used an AVoD/FAST video streaming service increased from 31 per cent in Q1 2023 to 41 per cent in Q3 2023. The research firm’s Video Service Consumer Insights Dashboard highlights the key metrics in streaming and video services, with trending data based on Parks Associates’ ongoing consumer survey work of US internet households.

“The use of ad-supported services such as AVoD and FAST grew to 41 per cent this quarter, confirming past predictions that more consumers will find these cost-effective options appealing,” Lee said. “Streaming providers are raising prices and cracking down on account sharing in search of profitability, but consumers are struggling to make ends meet. Ad-supported business models are a win-win for both parties.”

Parks Associates’ entertainment research finds streaming video services are among the top value-added services for US internet households when considering service bundles and providers. Nearly half (46 per cent) of US internet households rate a streaming video service as highly valuable to their household, slightly behind the 47 per cent who value a service that monitors and improves Wi-Fi in the home.

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