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FreeWheel partners with Direct Digital Holdings

February 28, 2024

Direct Digital Holdings, an advertising and marketing technology platform operating through its companies Colossus Media, Huddled Masses and Orange 142, has announced a partnership with FreeWheel, the technology platform for the television advertising industry. The agreement builds on Direct Digital Holdings’ buy- and sell-side relationship with Beeswax, FreeWheel’s programmatic buying platform.This deal will allow the holding group’s Colossus SSP to directly connect to FreeWheel’s CTV inventory and server technology. Colossus SSP provides brands with access to a truly inclusive audience, tapping into a range of multicultural/diverse publishers and general market media – and this partnership will open pathways to CTV inventory for both.
“This agreement will significantly grow the high-quality CTV inventory available through Colossus SSP,” said Mark D. Walker, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman at Direct Digital Holdings. “FreeWheel is able to unify all demand channels into one optimal ad decision to maximise the end-viewer experience. Their capabilities complement the performance, efficiencies and transparency that brands and media buyers have come to value at Colossus SSP.”“Today’s TV ad marketplace is very fragmented and complex, and so, one of our key focus areas is to continually find new ways to simplify and streamline the ad buying process,” said Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel. “We recognise today’s consumers increasingly gravitate towards CTV and our audiences are becoming more diverse. It is our hope that, by teaming up with Colossus SSP, we can help connect publishers to multicultural audiences – at scale – on premium content.”  “We have worked collaboratively with both Colossus SSP and FreeWheel, and we’re excited to tap into their new partnership as they continue to diversify and scale their collective offerings,” added Michael Piner, EVP, Advanced Advertising, Mediahub. “High-quality CTV inventory is a top priority for our clients, and this partnership will deliver that while expanding our ability to reach robust, diverse audiences through a diverse-owned partner.”

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