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Masthead Ad Format from Samsung Ads Canada

March 12, 2024

Following the success of its advertising products on the home screen of Samsung TVs, Samsung Ads Canada, the advertising arm of Samsung Electronics in Canada and a specialist in advanced TV including Connected TV (CTV), has launched the First Screen Immersive Masthead.

Currently available on 2024 Samsung Smart TVs, the First Screen Immersive Masthead provides advertisers what Samsung says is a visually captivating way to showcase unique creatives immediately when consumers turn on the screen. The First Screen Immersive Masthead will expand once user-prompted to a full screen video and cycle through a carousel of creatives offering significant opportunities for engagement alongside personalised content recommendations and convenient shortcuts to apps, making for effortless entertainment discovery.

This new experience complements Samsung Ads’ First Screen Masthead which helps advertisers to reach consumers with a high-impact, 100 per cent share of voice placement when consumers are actively looking to discover new content, apps or services on their Samsung Smart TVs.

“Navigation and discovering content can often make or break a user’s experience when they turn on their TVs, especially because a third of consumers often don’t know what they want to watch,” said Dave Pauk, Director Head of Canadian Sales, Samsung Ads Canada. “Our deep understanding of our viewer behaviours from across our 6 million available smart TVs enables us to develop innovative native ad experiences like the First Screen Masthead that are impactful, seamless and eye catching to consumers.”

“With the launch of our Immersive Masthead, we look forward to continuing to provide advertisers with a first screen mover advantage, helping enable them to get in front of viewers in a discovery forward mindset using eye-catching placements,” he added.

The First Screen Immersive Masthead experience is slated to be available on 2023 Samsung Smart TVs by end of the year.

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