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Samsung Ads extends European programmatic offering

November 25, 2020

Advertisers across Europe now have the ability to access Samsung Ads’ premium video inventory programmatically via their preferred Demand Side Platform (DSP), with direct access to Samsung’s proprietary audience segments powered by automatic content recognition (ACR).

Advertisers in EU5 (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) will have programmatic access to exclusive Samsung connected TV (CTV) inventory on Samsung’s premium AVoD service, Samsung TV Plus. They will also benefit from access to a range of targeting and insight capabilities, powered by Samsung Ads’ proprietary Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data. This means advertisers can use granular data to manage the reach and frequency of their campaigns across Samsung connected TVs.

Activated via third-party DSPs, advertisers will be able to both tap into these exclusive data insights and execute highly targeted, measurable campaigns across linear and CTV. All major DSPs are supported, including The Trade Desk, DV360 and Adobe.

For advertisers wanting to find hard-to-reach TV audiences at scale, Samsung TV Plus provides brands with a safe environment to run full-screen, in-stream video ads among curated long-form content. Ads within TV Plus are 100 per cent viewable, with no scrolling or overlays.

According to Samsung Device Level data, TV audiences today are increasingly spending time on their TV devices streaming content. Samsung Ads Europe recently reported that streaming now accounts for more TV viewing time than linear in the UK, at 59 per cent, on Samsung Smart TVs. This increasing audience fragmentation means that advertisers need to be able to understand what content their audiences are consuming and how, as well as needing access to scalable advertising across the CTV space.

“As TV viewership across linear and video on demand reaches new heights in 2020, it’s clear that the TV is still one of our most powerful tools for reaching the customer with engaging and effective advertising,” asserted Alex Hole, Vice President of Samsung Ads Europe, the media and advertising division of Samsung Electronics. “We understand that programmatic buyers want seamless access to premium CTV audiences, and they want the flexibility to run video campaigns via their preferred DSP. This latest evolution of our Programmatic offering means that we can now offer European buyers access to CTV programmatically and also harness the power of Samsung’s proprietary ACR data to reach light linear viewers, families, gamers, and drive guaranteed incremental reach, all via one deal ID.”

The Samsung Ads Private Marketplace allows advertisers to target audiences by interest with content bundles that allow them to reach Samsung TV Plus channels across genres such as sports, lifestyle, entertainment, gaming and more. This access to Samsung Ads’ ACR data, which Samsung says is the most effective method of capturing CTV viewership data, will allow advertisers to understand where audiences lie and maximise targeting capabilities.


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