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MiQ launches TV Intelligence platform in UK

April 9, 2024

MiQ, a programmatic media partner, has announced the UK launch of its TV Intelligence platform, a solution it says is set to supercharge the UK’s TV advertising industry. The platform provides marketers and agencies with a complete view of audience, campaign and competitor intelligence across linear TV, connected TV (CTV), and YouTube in one place, enabling them to solve for fragmentation and maximise value from their video investments.

TV Intelligence is a robust cross-channel intelligence platform, combining the power of big data from CTVs with trusted national TV currency data for a comprehensive view of the market. It brings together viewership and audience data from nine diverse data sources to allow marketers and agencies to optimise reach, manage frequency and power stronger performance outcomes across linear TV, CTV and YouTube. MiQ analyses over two billion TV viewership and content signals from a deterministic network of more than one million TV sets across the UK. It enriches this data with insights from consumer, behavioural and purchase patterns derived from its Connected Audiences product to reach over 90 per cent of the UK population.

“TV Intelligence is a game-changer for UK agencies and marketers,” said Freddie Turner, Managing Director, MiQ UK. “We’ve listened to our clients’ challenges around fragmentation and have invested heavily in building a turnkey solution for advertisers looking to complement their linear TV with connected TV and YouTube. Not only are we solving a major business challenge for our clients, we’re creating limitless opportunities to drive incremental reach and better performance in an increasingly challenging marketplace.”

MiQ’s clients are already realising the benefits of this platform as well. Patrick Affleck, CEO, Havas Media Network UK & Ireland, commented: “MiQ’s TV Intelligence is a great example of how to connect various parts of the TV industry together to help combat fragmentation as new channels emerge and audience consumption behaviours evolve. Havas is excited to be at the forefront of the changing TV ecosystem, working with key partners like MiQ to make effective and positive steps towards a unified TV solution for our clients.”

The launch comes in tandem with rollouts to the US, Canada and Australia.

“MiQ TV Intelligence is the only global analytics platform that gives marketers a complete view of their investment across streaming, linear, and YouTube,” added Gurman Hundal, Global CEO and co-founder, MiQ. “We’re excited to expand these capabilities across key markets, provide actionable insights that give marketers the confidence to run efficient campaigns across all forms of premium video, power stronger performance outcomes from a single platform, and further cement our position as the premier partner for Advanced TV.”


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