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Yahoo, AdImpact partnership

April 18, 2024

Yahoo has announced a partnership with AdImpact, the ad intelligence SaaS company. This partnership aims to offer better targeting and differentiated political viewership audiences for activation across local and national campaigns in the US this election year.

With competitive races up and down the ballot, political campaigns across federal, statewide, and local elections need efficient ways to reach potential voters. However, ad spend has not kept pace with TV viewership. Streaming accounts for nearly 38 per cent of American viewership, but political campaigns are only projected to spend 13 per cent of estimated political ad spend on CTV. Political advertisers have a massive opportunity to shift budgets to capture attention of audiences where they’re actually spending time. With unique access to viewership data, the Yahoo partnership with AdImpact will tap into a new viewership targeting capability that enables political advertisers to reach their potential voters more effectively and at the right cadence.

Whether targeting audiences within 24 hours after a debate or other politically-significant events, or intentionally excluding audiences who have been exposed to a political advertisement, there are many use cases for campaigns to leverage this data. For example, campaigns can retarget or omit audiences on CTV who have seen a candidate’s commercial on linear TV. This tool will be available on a national level down to hyper-local non-federal, and local elections.

“As the road to November heats up, there’s a significant untapped opportunity for political campaigns to reach voters with CTV,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo. “Our partnership with AdImpact will give campaigns and advertisers alike the ability to better reach their intended audiences and control frequency through the Yahoo DSP and not inundate viewers.”

Further bolstering the Yahoo DSP portfolio of TV viewership data partners, AdImpact’s proprietary political ad cataloguw and detection platform will process and tag viewership data providing greater accuracy and granularity. AdImpact’s data ad catalogue currently holds over 250,000 unique political creatives. Using automated content recognition (ACR), these identifiers are matched at the IP and device levels allowing them to identify future airings of the creative when a corresponding signal is detected and recorded. With this knowledge, advertisers effectively target and reach 108 million households, derived from 205 million logged-in US users through the Yahoo DSP.

“As campaigns navigate the primary and general election cycles, ensuring that they’re reaching the right audiences will be critical to their marketing plans,” said Kyle Roberts, CEO of AdImpact. “This partnership will empower political campaigns to make effective national and hyper-local ad buys using advanced viewership and data-driven analytics, allowing messaging to be delivered to targeted audiences without oversaturating the same viewers.”

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