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Max kicks off European marketing campaign

May 14, 2024

Max, Warner Bros Discovery’s (WBD) enhanced streaming service, has unveiled its European launch marketing campaign ahead of its launch in its first European countries on May 21st. Through the campaign, consumers across 20 countries in the Nordics, Iberia and Central and Eastern Europe will get a first look and feel of the Max brand and the library of content on offer, including hit movie Dune: Part Two that will be available to watch on the service on launch day. 

The multifaceted campaign is inspired by the premise that “Max makes you feel differently”. The creative showcases the depth of the streamer’s content by visually constructing the idea that the viewer is transported physically and emotionally through watching on Max.  

Starting with the anthem TV spot, the viewer is taken on an immersive journey through various worlds, as if travelling through different Max content. From the comfort of the sofa, the on-screen viewer is transported to a dragon laden fiery battlefield where the fight within House Targaryen is in fierce play. Then, as she is plunged into the deep with aquatic life from Discovery’s nature genre, the viewer experiences a moment of calm before coming up for breath to find herself being splashed by Olympic Games Paris 2024 swimmers, mid-competition. From the pool, she is catapulted into a cloudy mist where a Quidditch match is in play and a near collision with Harry Potter on his Nimbus 2000 sends her into a dreamscape world with snippets from popular titles, such as Dune: Part Two and 90 Day Fiancé flashing past her. 

The viewer’s emotions and reactions visibly change as she reacts to the different worlds she visits, establishing the notion that Max is rooted in feelings. She then comes back down to earth in an awe-struck state, reflecting on the iconic and exciting content slate on Max. The advert was built in a modular fashion, allowing for the various markets launching Max in the region to showcase locally produced titles based on the offering in each country (title availability varies by country).  

For the out of home and digital creative, the design is intended to spark an emotional connection and build brand awareness of Max. In these static and animated builds, bold messages are partnered with anticipated content from the WBD slate. For instance, the advert for House of the Dragon S2 states ‘Where Rivalries Unite Us’, and for Dune: Part Two ‘Where Blockbusters Transport You’. The multi-title assets featured in the digital and outdoor creative are designed to showcase the breadth across genres that Max brings such as House of the Dragon alongside 90 Day Fiancé and the Harry Potter film collection.

To reflect the diverse nature of Europe, each market will rollout out a localised version of the campaign. For example, in Norway, popular talent from the country will take viewers on a comedic walk through the new product, detailing its name and hinting at some of the biggest shows they’re looking forward to watching on Max.  

Rebecca Rormark, SVP Marketing, Streaming EMEA at WBD, commented: “Delivering the creative campaign for the launch of Max in Europe is an incredibly proud and important moment. The European launch marks the start of a very exciting global journey. It also builds on our long heritage in Europe, bringing together an incredible breadth and depth of culture-defining entertainment from our services and networks, all in one place. We have captured this by creating, developing and producing a hero TV spot inspired by how our content makes you feel differently as part of broad and strategic pan-EMEA campaign that epitomises everything Max stands for and brings the brand to life.”

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