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WSC Sports launches Gen AI division

May 29, 2024

WSC Sports, the specialist in AI-powered sports content technology, has announced its evolution to an AI content management, creation, and distribution solution. The company aims to empower sports media rights holders to engage with fans through more personalised content, formats and viewing channels.

As part of the company’s next phase of growth, WSC Sports is formally introducing three new solutions to its product suite: Around the Game, In-App Stories and Discovery Network. These solutions help all entities operating within the sports ecosystem adapt to the shifting landscape of fan consumption by allowing each organisation to better own its relationship with the fan. These solutions enable sports media organizations to catalyse video content, expand reach, grow fan bases, and explore new revenue opportunities across digital platforms.

“Since our inception, we have aimed to redefine the sports media landscape with our AI-powered technology,” said Daniel Shichman, CEO and Co-Founder of WSC Sports. “Over the last decade, we have consistently grown and demonstrated the value of AI content generation and automation, with our solution becoming an industry standard. Today, we work with more than 450 sports organisations worldwide, a source of immense pride for our company and a list that continues to expand. However, this is just the beginning. We are excited to announce the next phase of WSC Sports.”

“We see a future where sports fans get only the content they want – content that is of personal interest to them, content that our technology helps them discover, and content that will deepen relationships between fans and sports entities on a one-to-one level. With the launch of three new solutions, the inspiration for our new tagline, ‘Fuel the Fandom,’ we are transitioning to a full AI content solution, helping our clients provide the best personalised content experience to sports fans across all platforms while generating new revenue streams,” added Shichman.

WSC Sports’ Around The Game product expands the company’s AI capabilities from in-game content to indexing and automating every aspect of the game, including fan reactions, player arrivals, sponsor logos, interviews, press conferences, and studio shows. This enables sports organisations to centralise all assets in one platform, search for and identify interesting storylines, and automatically curates any content fans desire instantly creating new content combinations that previously were tough to identify both in and around the game.

Furthermore, WSC Sports is taking a significant step toward providing direct-to-fan experiences for customers with its In-App Stories product. This product allows sports organisations to insert a vertical video experience within owned and operated digital platforms, where fans can engage with content in a similar way to popular social media platforms. In-App Stories empowers organisations to automate the creation and delivery of vertical content in formats such as stories, vertical swipeable video feeds, polls, and quizzes,  enabling a path toward customised content for every fan and enhancing organisations’ first-party data on every individual’s preferences and consumption habits.

Finally, WSC Sports’ Discovery Network increases rights holders’ content exposure by reaching fans on pre-agreed third-party sports properties. This approach provides avenues to reach new fans and explore monetisation opportunities. Discovery Network gives rights holders full control to manage content distribution, generate exposure, drive traffic, and maximise monetisation opportunities.

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