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Survey: 51% of US intend to stream Olympics

June 5, 2024

Results from an Amdocs survey uncover how consumers across the US plan to watch the Olympic games this summer, and the preferences and expectations shaping the future of sports viewing.

While live TV was the most popular method for watching the Games in 2021 (69 per cent), 51 per cent of consumers said they are planning to stream the Olympics this summer – compared to 28 per cent in 2021 – an 82 per cent increase.

Other key takeaways include:

  • 26 per cent of Gen Z cite the cost of streaming the Olympics as a major concern, up from 14 per cent in 2021, an 86 per cent increase.
  • Younger viewers aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on cost when it comes to sports: 53 per cent of consumers say cost is the most important factor when it comes to selecting a streaming service provider for sports viewing.
  • Almost 50 per cent of Gen Z said the opportunity to bet on events in the Olympics made them more interested in tuning in.
  • 34 per cent of Gen Z are excited about celebrity announcers like Snoop Dogg, Peyton Manning, Kelly Clarkson, and Jimmy Fallon.

Commenting on the results, Raman Abrol, General Manager at Amdocs and CEO of Vubiquity, said: “Higher interest in this year’s Olympics is accompanied by a significant shift in viewing habits, with streaming becoming the preferred method for 51 per cent of viewers, up from just 28 per cent in 2021. Recognising this trend, cable providers are strategically adapting by offering bundled streaming plans that include services like Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+ at competitive prices. This approach not only addresses the cost concerns of over a quarter of Gen Z viewers but also ensures that consumers can access the additional features and flexibility offered by streaming services. By meeting the demand for more elastic and affordable viewing options, both consumers and providers stand to benefit from this evolving landscape.”

“These findings highlight how the evolving landscape of streaming, driven by intense competition and the quest for profitability, is reshaping consumer expectations. Viewers now perceive value from their service and content providers through an emphasis on personalised, cost-effective, and immersive experiences. By offering platforms that deliver unique, context-rich interactions, content providers can enhance user engagement and foster long-term loyalty. This shift underscores the critical need for innovation in streaming services to meet the dynamic demands of today’s tech-savvy audience,” added Abrol.

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