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Relo Metrics, Captify partnership

June 11, 2024

Relo Metrics, the AI-powered sponsorship analytics platform for real-time data decisions, and Captify, a specialist in real-time audiences and insights powered by Search Intelligence, have announced a partnership agreement that will augment Relo Metrics offering with Captify’s Search Lift measurement, a study that evaluates the marketing campaigns outcomes. The companies say this parthershup will offer a comprehensive view of sponsorship performance, from initial awareness to interest and consideration, redefining how they measure impact and success across the entire buying cycle. 

Captify’s Search Lift study empowers brands to understand the direct impact of their sponsorship campaign on search behaviour, providing media executives and brand managers with tangible evidence of value. This includes measuring changes in consumer awareness, brand affinity, and intent to buy through shifting search signals.

Relo Metrics provides brands, agencies, and teams with real-time data and better analytics for those who are managing the business of sports sponsorships. The collaboration will bring Relo Metrics sponsorship performance data together with Captify Search Lift, for a unified measure across the entire buying cycle, from awareness to outcomes. This will enable Relo Metrics to extend its capabilities beyond traditional media valuations to include real and observable consumer behaviour-based approaches.

The integrated solution will be valuable for a wide variety of brands investing in sports sponsorships as a primary marketing activity as well as regional campaigns where geographic variations offer important insights.

“Understanding how sponsorships drive search interest is a vital link between media valuation and actual consumer response,” commented Relo Metrics CEO, Jay Prasad. “This partnership is a major step forward for the industry and will enable brands to drive greater value from their sponsorship spend. We look forward to working closely with our partners at Captify to deliver these benefits.”

“Our Search Lift Study helps brands understand the direct impact of their sponsorship activities on search behavior across the consumer journey,” said Isaac Gerber, Global Director, Insights & Analytics, Captify.  “Partnering with Relo Metrics offers organiations a unified metric that connects media valuation to measurable increases in search activity and interest. We’re confident that it will help brands significantly enhance the effectiveness of their sponsorship efforts.”

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