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Report: US programmatic CTV usage rising

March 24, 2021

According to the findings of the Connected TV (CTV) Ad Supply Trends Report 2020 from ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform Pixalate, 78 per cent of US households are now reachable via programmatic CTV advertising, but ad fraud rates remain high, at 24 per cent in Q420.

The report analyses the state of programmatic CTV advertising and provides a deep dive into programmatic CTV ad spend trends by global region, ad fraud (or invalid traffic) in programmatic CTV advertising, and trends in the Roku and Amazon Fire TV app stores.

Key findings:

CTV Advertising is growing at a fast rate

  • 78 per cent of US households are reachable via CTV programmatic advertising, up 56 per cent year-over-year
  • 122 per cent increase in global programmatic ad spend in CTV over 2020

Ad Fraud (IVT) is still a significant problem in CTV

  • 24 per cent of CTV programmatic advertising was invalid traffic (IVT) in Q4 2020 

Roku devices dominate the programmatic ad market

  • 46 per cent of programmatic ad spend in CTV went to Roku devices
  • Samsung, Apple, and Amazon come in at second, each with about 10 per cent market shar
  • Apple increased its ad market share by 379 per cent from Q120 to Q420

CTV apps continue to embrace programmatic advertising

  • 47 per cent increase in Roku apps that support programmatic
  • 13 per cent increase in Amazon Fire TV apps that support programmatic


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