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Audience Predict content analytics from Gracenote

December 8, 2021

Content solutions specialist Gracenote has unveiled Audience Predict, a content analytics tool that forecasts potential future entertainment programming performance. Leveraging Gracenote content metadata, currency-grade syndicated Nielsen audience measurement data and advanced machine learning technology, Audience Predict is designed to equip content distributors and owners with predictive insights to make strategic decisions that maximise return on programming investments.

According to Gracenote, the number of video programming distribution outlets is on the rise today as new streaming market entrants join legacy streaming services and linear TV networks. With so many entities vying for content to attract viewers and fill their catalogues or schedules, decision making around distribution has become increasingly challenging. Consequently, the content marketplace is seeking easy-to-use tools that provide real-time insights into how programmes will perform and whom they will attract which will inform buying and selling activities.

Gracenote Audience Predict analyses relationships between streaming service or network distribution outlets and anticipated potential programme performance utilising years of proprietary Nielsen viewership data. The solution forecasts potential audience size, composition, reach, and viewing minutes under different distribution scenarios by considering programme genre and drop patterns for streaming content or airdate, airtime and lead-in for linear content. Using machine learning, the model will iteratively improve and can be trained to output new programme performance metrics based on customer needs.

Gracenote says that Audience Predict can help content creators and owners identify the most potentially advantageous streaming platforms or networks for their content and develop compelling programme packages for target buyers. The solution enables data-driven decision-making on programme acquisitions, renewals or cancellations for streaming and linear content distributors, forecasting which shows have the potential to draw the largest overall audience or best target segments.

“The media ecosystem primarily associates Gracenote with advanced search and content discovery enabling TV providers to connect viewers to programming, but our industry-leading entertainment metadata and IDs have equally strong applications powering new analytics which inform smarter business decisions,” commented Simon Adams, Chief Product Officer, Gracenote. “By helping the content community see into the future around programme performance today, we’re helping them solve one of the most vexing issues they face – distribution complexity. This expands our larger Content Analytics offerings which help the entire media industry make more informed decisions.”

Audience Predict joins Inclusion Analytics in Gracenote’s new Content Analytics suite of offerings equipping the entertainment industry with what Gracenote suggests are powerful tools to inform business decisions on what to produce, whom to cast and where to place programming to maximise audience reach and return on investment.


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