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Paramount, currency partnership

October 10, 2023

Paramount Global and TV measurement company have announced an agreement to measure and transact national TV advertising campaigns using iSpot currency metrics across Paramount’s media and streaming properties in the US.

The two companies are currently completing technology integrations to enable seamless advertising transactions inside of Paramount’s proprietary and licensed systems. Using iSpot, Paramount will be able to offer partners greater choice in campaign activation and evaluation by leveraging iSpot’s measurement data as well as its cross-screen capabilities.

Paramount says the he deal is part of its ongoing commitment to collaborate with companies who are bringing more sophisticated approaches to measurement in support of a multi-currency future.

“Paramount has taken the lead in accelerating new measurement and currency enablement because the future of our industry depends on it,” said John Halley, President of Paramount Advertising. “We are committed to supporting all new currency providers certified by the US Joint Industry Committee, and we look forward to bringing greater transparency and flexibility to the way TV is transacted and measured. Our partnership with iSpot helps facilitate that goal.”

“At the heart of new currency initiatives are ad buyers making more sophisticated investment decisions based on faster and more accurate cross-platform measurement,” added Sean Muller, iSpot CEO and Founder. “To its credit, Paramount has long been among the leaders of the marketplace with its investment in infrastructure, its willingness to transact on advanced audiences, and its embrace of new forms of measurement that better quantify the effectiveness of advertising.”

Paramount expects to measure and transact against iSpot data in Q1 2024.

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