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Report: 2023 US linear TV market hits $43.7bn ad spend

January 16, 2024

iSpot’s 2023 In Review: TV Transparency Report highlights some of the big TV takeaways in the US from the past year. Highlights include:

  • Tons of brands are on TV : 35,200+ unique brands detected airing on linear, local and streaming that are making a lot of (647,000) creatives to reach audiences.
  • That makes a lot of times an ad reaches a household: 8.5 trillion TV impressions in 2023 (up 1.8 per cent YoY), partly because there are 44.6 million national TV ad airings in 2023 (up 2.2 per cent YoY) and 18.4 million national TV ad minutes (up 2.2 per cent YoY).
  • iSpot estimates the national linear TV market hit $43.71 billion (€40.1bn) in ad spend (down 4.7 per cent YoY).
  • While sports and news predictably gained as the strikes altered schedules, reality TV ad impressions actually declined 5.9 per cent. YoY.  Not even a 154 per cent increase in impressions for House Hunters could drive gains for the genre as consumers are increasingly seeking reality on streaming.
  • Also, a factor here: 1,282 brands are speaking Spanish in creatives, up 27 per cent YoY, while Spanish-language TV ad impressions grew by 19 per cent.

Some overall leaders by TV ad impressions…

  • Most-Seen Brand: Progressive (0.92 per cent of TV ad impressions)
  • Most-Seen Industry: QSR (4.15 per cent of TV ad impressions)
  • Top Network: CBS (7.24 per cent of TV ad impressions)
  • Top Programme: NFL Telecasts (3.03 per cent of TV ad impressions)

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