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IAS expands MFA AI-driven solution

March 5, 2024

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the media measurement and optimisation platform, has announced the expansion of its Made for Advertising (MFA) AI-driven solution. With this enhancement, IAS says it now provides advertisers with a solution that can measure and optimise against both MFA and Ad Clutter sites to drive maximum efficacy across the programmatic buying process.

MFA sites are web pages built to conduct ad arbitrage and feature low quality content (e.g. spam sites, or ad farms) created solely to serve ads, whereas Ad Clutter sites feature high ad density and high ad-to-content ratio, leading to lower performance. As opposed to a static exclusion list, IAS uses advanced machine learning technology and additional signals built into IAS’s core platform to intelligently identify MFA and Ad Clutter sites.

“With the proliferation of MFA, global advertisers need safeguards to avoid ad arbitrage and low performing, high ad density sites while optimising for media quality and performance,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS. “We’re proud to offer the industry’s first pressure-tested solution for detecting and avoiding MFA and Ad Clutter sites at scale while also preserving the flexibility to reach audiences across a diverse range of publishers.”

“The industry should not conflate Made For Advertising supply with other forms of low quality advertising experiences. MFA publishers operate an ad arbitrage business model that has no place in the programmatic supply chain,” said Chris Kane, President, Jounce Media. “Separately, media companies that produce original content and attract organic visitors sometimes engage in aggressive monetisation techniques that dilute the value of advertising. By clearly distinguishing MFA supply from ad clutter, IAS is giving media buyers the tools they need to make informed decisions about inventory quality.”

IAS’s MFA AI-driven site Measurement and Optimisation solution expands on the beta announced in Q4 2023 and will be available globally beginning in Q2 2024.

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