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ITV’s Planet V reports £1bn in bookings

June 6, 2024

Planet V, ITV’s proprietary, self-service addressable advertising platform, has reported £1 billion (€1.18bn) in bookings since its launch in October 2020.

Major agencies, independents, regional agencies and in-house client teams are using Planet V as an intuitive, self-serve platform, allowing them to streamline their approach to planning and buying addressable campaigns on ITVX. The platform is used by over 2,000 users in the UK and offers access to over 20,000 data-targeting options to create sophisticated audience segments. It is now the exclusive entry point for ITVX advertising, and handles over 99 per cent of ITV’s digital ad bookings.

ITV says Planet V is the second-largest video advertising platform for premium video in the UK, after Google, and utilises the broadcaster’s extensive data assets and capabilities to provide compelling advertising products for advertisers.

ITV has one of the largest first-party data sets in the UK, with over 40 million registered users on ITVX. Agencies and advertisers can make use of this alongside their own data and other third-party datasets, to create more precise addressable campaigns.

Since launch Planet V has attracted over 1,100 new advertisers to ITV with 10 per cent of annual digital advertising revenues now sourced from the long tail of advertisers.

Advertisers can also incorporate their own first-party data in a GDPR-compliant environment using InfoSum (an identity infrastructure provider) and monitor their campaigns through a custom-built user interface.

Kelly Williams, Managing Director, ITV Commercial, commented: “Planet V has been a step change in the industry and has fundamentally changed how we engage with advertisers digitally. It has been a key enabler of our digital ad growth, delivering sophisticated data-driven addressable advertising at scale.”

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