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tvScientific partners with MetricWorks

July 11, 2022

Connected TV performance advertising platform tvScientific has announced a partnership with MetricWorks, a provider of media mix modelling-based incrementality measurement. The strategic partnership aims to bolster digital-first marketers’ ability to more accurately measure CTV performance in their omnichannel strategies and to correct last-touch attribution.

tvScientific improves upon its CTV performance advertising platform designed to simplify and automate CTV buying and optimisation with advanced performance measurement capabilities. Marketers will be able to have adjusted insight into walled gardens through tvScientific’s always-on incrementality testing.

Comparable to the visibility typically available for search and social media channels, performance marketers are able to precisely measure the ROAS of all online and offline marketing including CTV by leveraging MetricWorks’ incrementality MMP, Polaris, a turnkey, drop-in addition that does not require any extra SDKs, device IDs or heavy migration lift.

Through Polaris, digital marketers will be able to uncover and measure new opportunities and lift of offline spend including CTV’s cross-channel synergies and organic interactions. The integration of MetricWorks’ fully automated, granular, daily incrementality measurement outputs into tvScientific’s platform validates CTV performance in daily marketing mixes by effectively measuring the medium’s powerful ability to drive incrementality.

“With the 108 million streaming households market presence of CTV, digital marketers should be looking at CTV as another attractive performance channel in their daily marketing mix,” said Jason Fairchild, CEO and co-founder of tvScientific. “tvScientific’s partnership with MetricWorks will provide performance marketers with deep and comprehensive insight into campaign performance across platforms while proving that CTV has truly been undervalued due to limitations in last-touch attribution.”

“Today’s digital marketer needs to have a holistic understanding of how each platform is performing in a marketing mix and MetricWorks is tactically engineered for successful daily marketing effectiveness,” said Brian Krebs, CEO and co-founder at MetricWorks. “We’ve seen CTV significantly undervalued by last-touch across our customers, often because the bulk of its impact is felt higher in the funnel. The partnership with tvScientific will enable marketers to apply performance marketing strategies to advanced television and leverage media mix modelling to drive ROI on an undervalued channel.”

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