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Programme metadata boost from Gracenote

August 10, 2022

Gracenote, the content solutions unit of Nielsen, says it is paving the way for programming sources to drive the success of their entertainment offerings and improve ROI in the streaming-first world with the launch of Gracenote ID Distribution System.

This enables programme owners and creators to leverage Gracenote IDs to manage their content, streamline distribution and ensure their content brands are well represented and easily discoverable on major streaming services, connected TV devices and MVPDs. At launch, Gracenote ID Distribution System is available in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Gracenote IDs are unique identifiers for TV shows and movies which are broadly deployed throughout the global entertainment ecosystem and act like Universal Product Codes for content. These IDs link data assets related to programmes such as descriptions, genres, cast lists, vibrant imagery, and programme availability on a platform. In addition, they power personalised recommendations within individual video services and universal content search and discovery across streaming, MVPD, CTV, on-demand, and linear platforms.

Using Gracenote ID Distribution System, programming sources can submit their content metadata and imagery via a web application or API to ensure its association with normalised Gracenote metadata and IDs and manage its distribution, all through a single point of integration. The majority of the world’s leading video discovery experiences running on Gracenote metadata and IDs can then present resonant content and metadata in program guides and recommendations to drive viewing and engagement.

Gracenote ID Distribution System helps content distributors fully leverage the power of Gracenote metadata to drive the success of their offerings by providing these key benefits:

  • Greater visibility and ownership: Powerful tools help users better manage their metadata and understand its distribution on downstream platforms. They can obtain Gracenote IDs earlier in the content lifecycle enabling them to track programming at every subsequent stage.
  • Optimised discovery: Users can ensure optimal availability of their programming in Gracenote datasets elevating discoverability. Upon request, first-party metadata variations can be delivered to specified video discovery platforms to maximise regional relevance or satisfy branding requirements.
  • Streamlined distribution: The platform enables programming sources to efficiently secure broad distribution across Gracenote’s global customer base and engage their end users.

“With streaming reaching maturity, more focus than ever is placed on securing positive return on investment on programming,” said Simon Adams, Chief Product Officer at Gracenote. “To achieve this, content sources need their offerings to be easily discovered and appropriately represented in distribution channels and their user interfaces. Gracenote ID Distribution System leverages our deep metadata and content ID expertise to streamline this process for content sources, ultimately helping them drive maximum engagement and monetisation.”


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