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605, Conviva cross-screen measurement collaboration

September 22, 2022

TV and cross-platform measurement, analytics and attribution specialist 605 has agreed a data and technology collaboration agreement with streaming analytics platform Conviva. This collaboration will bring de-duplicated, standardised data to video and advertising industry customers worldwide, enabling full-census measurement of content and advertising across premium video.

Standardising publisher first-party streaming data as the foundation for 605’s cross-platform measurement reporting, at scale, will enable new levels of analysis, accuracy and data actionability to drive meaningful outcomes.

The agreement leverages Conviva’s census-level, streaming analytics pipeline, which standardizes, cleanses and normalizes in real time to deliver accurate and contextual data at scale and 605’s linear and time-shifted data, to create content and advertising measurement and attribution outputs for publishers, agencies and brands. This new approach will bring a more accurate and comprehensive perspective to customer insights on media consumption.

“For too long, measurement in the US has been fragmented and incapable of giving either the sell-side or the buy-side a consistent view of ad and content consumption in US households,” advised Kristin Dolan, CEO of 605. “Through our collaboration with Conviva, we will provide programmers, brands and agencies with timely and meaningful metrics to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their content and advertising.”

605’s multi-source deterministic viewership dataset measures 34 million households across over 200 US markets. The Conviva platform processes nearly 3 trillion streaming data events daily, supporting more than 500 million unique viewers watching 180 billion streams per year across 3.3 billion applications streaming on devices.

“The industry and leading publishers worldwide have come to expect accurate and contextualised streaming data, at Internet scale, from Conviva,” said Marc Goldstein, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Conviva. “As a streaming analytics company, we’re focused on helping anyone who wants to standardize their data and make it actionable in real time,” This agreement with 605 will accelerate cross-platform video measurement initiatives, making available real-time streaming analytics directly to advertising ecosystem measurement and attribution partners.”

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