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Survey: Interactive streaming drives Gen Z brand engagement

September 23, 2022

Findings from a study by real-time engagement API platform Agora that examines how Gen Z consumers are engaging with brands that use interactive live video through their own platforms or via third-party apps, such as TikTok, Twitch and Instagram, suggest that Gen Z wants brands to use more interactive live streaming.

Interactive live video includes live-streaming video where the audience can react with chat or emojis, and streamer(s) can interact with their audiences in real-time. These video solutions are being implemented across different facets of entertainment and business, creating opportunities for brands, companies, entertainers, creators, and developers to engage with audiences, customers and fans in new and interesting ways.

For the study, Agora surveyed over 1,500 Gen Z consumers to get their thoughts on live interactive video. Key results include:

Over Half are More Likely to Engage With Brands Using Live Interactive Video

More than half of respondents (51 per cent) agreed they would be more likely to engage with a company or brand that uses interactive live videos and experiences to connect with audiences. Thirty-five per cent were neutral and just 14 per cent disagreed.

When it comes to watching live televised events – such as concerts, sports or award shows – 53 per cent of Gen Z agreed they would prefer watching with interactive video features so they can engage with friends and other viewers with similar interests during the event. Thirteen per cent disagreed and 34 per cent were neutral.

Bad Internet connection (56 per cent) and video quality (54 per cent) are the most recognised challenges Gen Z sees when using mobile app-based live video experiences. Forty per cent see glitches, bugs and crashing as a challenge, as well as phone hardware (36 per cent) and data usage costs (30 per cent).

“Gen Z consumers want brands to embrace the technology they use every day – including interactive live video and streaming,” notes Tony Zhao, Co-founder and CEO of Agora. “Whether they use interactive live video through their own brand-centric platforms or through third-party mobile apps, there is a huge opportunity to connect with Gen Z on their terms using this technology.”

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