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Spain: Majority would cancel SVoD if no shared accounts

January 19, 2023

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Netflix’s plan to limit or end password sharing could backfire in Spain, as 58.7 per cent of customers says they would be willing to cancel their subscription, according to a report from the consultancy firm Barlovento Comunicacion.

In Spain, the use of shared accounts is very popular – above all for Netflix, the streaming platform has the highest penetration (56.9 per cent) and the highest TV share (33.1 per cent). In addition to the 58.7 per cent of Netflix subscribers who would cancel their subscription if no shared account is permitted, 14.8 per cent say they would pay an extra cost to access the service; and 11.8 per cent would prefer the ad-supported option.

As for Disney+, with 55.7 per cent of its customers using a shared account, 66.8 per cent says they would cancel the subscription. Regarding HBO Max, with 47 per cent of customers having a shared account, 63.7 per cent would cancel the subscription

For Prime Video, with 61.3 per cent sharing accounts, 58.7 per cent would cancel it. Movistar has 24.9 per cent of its customers using a shared account and 65.9 per cent would cancel the subscription.

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